I procrastinate because I’m afraid of not being perfect.


The Harry Potter Series and The Woman in Black

These are similarities I found between the movies. I cheated on a lot of them. 

The Woman in Black

  • Kripps on a train
  • in the countryside
  • Kripps on a train platform
  • Kripps on a train platform with his kid
  • Kripps in a dreamy after-life scene still on a train platform
  • Creepy old house
  • Ghost inhabits the house
  • Drive through swampy, watery area to get to the house
  • Threatening message on a wall, written in blood.
  • Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter on a train
  • … in the countryside.
  • Platform 9 3/4
  • … with his kid
  • Dreamy after-life scene with Dumbledore, still on the platform
  • Grimmauld Place
  • Ghosts inhabit Hogwarts (I cheated on this one)
  • Boats on a lake to get to Hogwarts
  • Threatening message on a wall, seemingly written in blood
  • Daniel Radcliffe
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You’re never fully dressed until you put on a smile :) … quit being indecent.


The next time someone complains to me about being “friendzoned”, I’m going to lead them directly to this link.

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I don’t know what kind of glasses to get next ;-; Mine broke.

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I was so close. So close. He was sweet, funny, charming … then I found that he only wanted gratification from me. Heart shattering.

Why does this have to happen so frequently? Is that all I’m good for, pleasure? Not having sex with you suddenly means that I’m worth nothing, right? Damn. Once I say “no”, you have nothing to do with me. Done. I don’t even exist to you. 

I have never felt more like an object. Most guys will refuse to appreciate me unless I can give them what they want. Guys hardly respect me. They think it’s shameful and ludicrous that I won’t “have fun”. When will I find a real man, one who can see me as a human being? This world is so corrupt.

I don’t even want to exist right now.

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I hate myself. I look into the mirror and can’t help but think, “You know, you really are a creature of endless imperfections. You’re a meaningless life. Everyone sees right through you.”

Then I think of my friends, all of whom I love so much. They could easily ignore me, not bother with me. But they don’t. As much as I hate myself, and as much as I think that they’re just pitying me, they aren’t. Despite my constant bickering and fear, they’re there for me with their endless amounts of love and patience. Their genuine care is more than I could ask for. They maintain their relationships with me by choice. 

I couldn’t be happier with that <3

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And none for Gretchen Weiners…

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